A bowling center is a great option to host your next fundraiser.  We can customize a package to fit your groups’ needs.  Just give us some details and we can work together to create a package that will be affordable, a lot of fun, and most importantly raise the funds needed to make your event a success.   Listed below are just a few of the many options available to you at Gardner Ten Pins.  Keep in mind that we can create different packages that include pizza and soda and Galactic Bowling.  

Option 1:  

Gardner Ten Pins will set a fixed price based on several factors including length of stay, size of the group, as well as date/time among other things.  You would then set a fee to be charged to each bowler.  Example:  Your group has 100 people and Gardner Ten Pins charges a fee of $12 per person.  You could charge each bowler $20 to participate.  That would result in a net of $800 for your fundraiser.  

Option 2:

Gardner Ten Pins can set a price for your participants and give back a certain percentage of the proceeds to your cause.  Example:  Your group has 100 people.  Gardner Ten Pins charges each participant $15 dollars and agrees to donate $5 back per person.  This would also result in a net of $500 for your fundraiser. 

Other Fundraising Options:

You may also choose other fundraising options including having local businesses sponsor a lane for the duration of your fundraiser, a pay-per-pin-pledge where participants get sponsors to pledge money for each pin they knock down, lane advertising or you can elect to choose other creative fundraising opportunities.  Keep in mind that on day of your fundraiser you can always run 50/50 raffles, silent auctions and basket raffles to boost your funds raised. 

Thank you for considering Gardner Ten Pins for your fundraiser! Contact us at (978) 632-0010 for more information. 

Why Gardner Ten Pins?


  1. Bowling is enjoyable
  2. Almost everyone can bowl
  3. Families can do it together
  4. Weather is never a factor being indoors
  5. We are capable of handling large groups
  6. Our staff will be there to assist you
  7. We have a great DJ, light and sound system
  8. Raising money is a blast
  9. No clean-up
  10. Food and beverage options