Certified Bowling Lessons

     Are you a beginner bowler looking for help? Or are you an experienced bowler needing help in a specific area or just wanting to upgrade your game. If so, maybe it's time to check into bowling lessons at Gardner Ten Pins.  Our coaching staff includes two USBC Bronze-Level certified coaches: Brian Manca and Paul Falk and Level 1 coach Mark Richard. Our coaches have extensive training and experience and are well qualified to help bowlers of all skill levels.  Gardner Ten Pins currently offers two different programs to meet your specific coaching needs. Our more intensive program includes a detailed video analysis of your game, whereas our other program does not use video interaction. Both programs are described below with their associated costs.

  •   Program A:A comprehensive two-day lesson featuring video analysis of your game. The complete lesson takes approximately 90 minutes and costs $60.00. On the first day, your delivery is videotaped from multiple views and an initial review of your game is conducted (approximately 40 minutes). On the second day, one of our certified coaches will help you examine the various elements of your game, identify your problem areas, and offer solutions (approximately 50 minutes). This will be accomplished using Ebonite's BowlerMAP Motion Analysis Program, one of the great advances in teaching aids for bowling. At the end of the lesson you will have the opportunity to purchase printouts or a CD of your video analysis session ($5.00 each).  
  • Program B:One hour lesson without video analysis instruction for $30.00. This program may be used for working on a specific area/issue, or even as a follow-up lesson to a BowlerMAP video analysis.

To schedule a lesson please call 978-632-0010 today.