2017-18 Fall Leagues

Monday - Monday Mixed

                Monday Men's (handicap)

                Senior League (12:30 p.m.)


                      City Mixers League (handicap)

Thursday - Not Your Average Beer League

                  PBA Sport Trios (sport oil patterns)

Friday - Friday Classic League (scratch)

Sunday - Sunday Night Mixed

League Bowlers - Improve Your Game!  Take Advantage of These Reduced Rates!

If You Are:

  1. A full-time bowler in one league at Gardner Ten Pins or a youth bowler holding a current Junior Gold Bowling Card...
    You may practice anytime lanes are available at a rate of $2.00 per game, (That's savings of up to $1.90 per game.)

  2. A full-time bowler in two leagues at Gardner Ten Pins...
    You may practice anytime lanes are available at a rate of $2.00 per game. You are also eligible for a 10% discount on pro shop purchases of over $10.00 worth of equipment.

  3. A full-time bowler in three or more leagues at Gardner Ten Pins...The same benefits apply as listed above, but bowlers may practice anytime lanes are available for $1.00 per game.

This program will expire when your current leagues end.

These practice rates are applicable only when lanes are available for open bowling and do not include Galactic Bowling.

             Wall Of Fame

                  HIGHEST SERIES OF 2016-17

   Men-    Darryl Washington      837   

 Women-     Yvonne Breen         756

 Youth-        Kyle Schultz            683

                    Krysta Schultz        683



Men-           Jamie Richard         239  

Women-     Angela Richard       208  

Youth-         Kyle Schultz           181



      Men-   Jim Lovewell III          888

Women-      Mary Marois             826

              Christina Lamoureux    826

   Youth-      Justin Hart               831

   We are in full swing of the 2017-18 Fall Leagues but still have openings available.  Gardner Ten Pins offers a wide variety of men's, women's, mixed leagues as well as junior leagues.  We are currently welcoming new members, regardless of experience or age.  If you are interested in excitement, camaraderie, fun and competition of league bowling and would like to join a league, please call us at 978-632-0010 today.  You'll be rolling in the fun!!